IHOP restaurant nutrition and allergen information

IHOP Menu Nutrition Facts

IHOP provides our guests with the important nutritional information they need to make confident menu choices with each visit. Review the IHOP restaurant nutritional guide and discover essential nutrition information for our variety of breakfast and other menu options. Make every meal count at IHOP!

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Interactive Nutrition Calculator

Take care in planning your next meal at IHOP using our interactive nutrition calculator. Choose items from our breakfast menu or from any of our popular dining choices. Our nutrition calculator allows you to count and track calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, protein and more.

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Applebee’s Food Allergy Listing

IHOP® Menu Nutrition Chart

Review these important nutrition facts and information about our breakfast items, entrees, desserts and additional menu offerings. Prepare for your next meal at IHOP!

Plan Your Next Breakfast With Our Nutrition Guide

The team at IHOP® is proud to present each guest with essential food nutrition facts to help select the best fit for every menu choice. Enjoy every bite at IHOP!

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