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Frequently Asked Questions: Social Sharing

Do you put up every comment, photo or video people post for use on the IHOP website?

Our moderator will review your post over the next 72 hours, and if it’s something your mother would be proud to see, we’ll post it. Share something now and join the fun!

When can I expect to see my post on the IHOP website?

We review all comments, photos and videos within 72 hours from when they’re submitted, and if approved by our moderator, will post them accordingly.

How long will my post stay up on the IHOP website?

We want our site to be an exciting experience no matter how much you visit it, and invite everyone to share the love by posting. So, we will continuously add new content as it’s approved to keep the site fresh, and take down older posts over time.

Can I include a photo or a video with my post?

Yes! You can post a photo or a video as part of your post, or alone.

Will my personal information be kept private if I post something that appears on the website?

Yes. We will only post your first name and first initial of your last name, as well as the social site you posted from (i.e. Jane D via Twitter). And there will be no link back to your actual post to protect your privacy.