Frequently Asked Questions: IHOP Rewards

What is the International Bank of Pancakes?

The International Bank of Pancakes is IHOP’s new rewards program. Loyalty members can earn PanCoins; IHOP’s new reward.

What are PanCoins?

PanCoins are our reward currency. You can earn PanCoins for eating IHOP, and you can redeem PanCoins for promotional coupons for meals, merchandise or experiences on the IHOP app.

How do I earn PanCoins?

For every $5 you spend, you will earn 1 PanCoin in your International Bank of Pancakes account. You can earn PanCoins when dining at IHOP or ordering directly through our app or Orders made through DoorDash or other delivery providers will not earn PanCoins.

How do I use a PanCoin?

PanCoins can be redeemed for promotional coupons for pancakes and other menu items. So, for example, you can trade 3 PanCoins for a coupon for a short stack of buttermilk pancakes or 5 PanCoins for a coupon for a full stack. You can also stack your PanCoins and exchange them for coupons for other items on the Stack Market, which can be found on the IHOP app. Only one reward per guest per day.

How do I translate my purchases into PanCoins?

You can secure your PanCoins a couple of different ways.

  1. If you pay through the IHOP app, you can simply log in to your account and then, you’ll pay with your credit card through the app and automatically earn delicious PanCoins.
  2. You can also pay with your server and input your purchase later. Your server will hand you a deposit slip, which will feature a barcode and numeric code. You can then scan the barcode or enter the numeric code into the IHOP app or at to collect your PanCoins.


How do I redeem my PanCoins?

You can pay with your PanCoins in three easy steps.

  1. Open your IHOP app or log in to your account at
  2. Select a reward in the Stack Market, which will place a unique one-time coupon in your Rewards Wallet.
  3. Present this code to your server or enter it online at checkout.


What should I do if I didn’t earn PanCoins on my last order?

If you did not receive your PanCoins or have any questions about your account, please speak with our Guest Relations team.

How does this change for guests on their birthday?

Instead of receiving a coupon, going forward guests will receive 5 PanCoins on the first day of their birthday month.

Can I earn PanCoins when buying an IHOP gift card?

Currently you do not earn PanCoins for Gift Card purchases. PanCoins can only be earned when dining at IHOP or ordering directly through our app or