Introducing the Pancizza!

(It’s a pizza-sized pancake.)


An innovative new circle-food available this National Pizza Day!

It’s not a pizza. It’s Pancizza! And it's the new round in town. We took our famous buttermilk pancakes, made them bigger, gave them some toppings, sliced them up, and put them in a pizza box for National Pizza Day. Try one—it’ll blow your mouth’s mind.

Three flavors of Pancizza:  Cupcake, Bacon & Cheddar, and Original Pancake

Where can I get a Pancizza?

From Friday, February 8 to Sunday, February 10, you can choose from our three personal Pancizza offerings: Cupcake, Bacon & Cheddar, and Original Pancake.

Order at participating IHOP locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and New York City for IHOP ‘N GO pickup or delivery exclusively through DoorDash.

If you are a first-time DoorDash customer, use code PANCIZZA to get a $0 delivery fee* on your order.

And if you are a DoorDash regular, get a $0 delivery fee on your IHOP order of $10 or more** with code IHOPDELIVERY.

Or, if you’re in New York City, you can swing by our IHOP Pancizzeria on Saturday for a free slice!


Available Friday to Sunday only!

Swing by the IHOP Pancizzeria for a free slice!

Yeah, you read that right. For one day only, we’re opening an IHOP Pancizzeria on Bleecker Street this Saturday, February 9 (which happens to be National Pizza Day). We’re taking over Bleecker Street Pizza, so come by between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. for a FREE slice of our special-edition flavors of Pancizza—it’s all you’ll want to eat-za!

Bleecker Street Pizza
69 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY 10014

Bleeker Street Map

Does IHOP Deliver Now?

Right now, over 1,000 IHOP restaurants deliver through DoorDash. And we’re adding delivery to even more IHOP restaurants all the time. Before you know it, we’ll be delivering all of our pancakes from our house to your home. And right now, get $0 delivery fee on IHOP orders $10 or more** with code IHOPDELIVERY exclusively through DoorDash nationwide February 8 to February 14. See you soon, fellow pancaker.

Where did the name “Pancizza” come from?

Well, we took the “Pan-” from “Pancake” and the “-izza” from “Pizza”, sandwiched them around the letter “c” and came out with “Pancizza.” It’s pronounced pan-keet-za, and it rolls off the tongue like a dream. Go ahead, say it out loud. We’ll wait...


Is Pancizza not in your area, and now you’re craving IHOP from all this pancake talk? First of all, sorry about that. Secondly, just visit the IHOP ‘N GO order page to get all your favorite IHOP meals for pickup.