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Franchise Opportunities
Join the IHOPĀ® family as an IHOP franchisee.

Single Restaurant Development Agreement

Initial Fees
Location Fee $15,000
Franchise Fee $50,000

The Location Fee is nonrefundable, but will be applied toward the Franchisee Fee.

Multi-Restaurant Development Agreement

Initial Fees
Development Fee (per restaurant) $20,000
Franchise Fee (per restaurant) $40,000

The Development Fee is nonrefundable, but will be applied toward the Franchisee Fee.

Recurring Fees

Royalty Fee 4.5% of Gross Sales
National Advertising Fund 3.5% of Gross Sales

Recurring Fees are payable to the company weekly, based on gross sales.

Franchise Term

20 years (could vary depending on lease).

Total Estimated Construction Costs

Prototype Freestanding Building: 5,000 SF (185 Seats).

Details Low High
Building $450,000 $2,300,000
Major Equipment/fixtures $150,000 $400,000
Signage $25,000 $100,000
Smallwares $14,000 $34,000
Total *$639,000 *$2,834,000

Please note that the above costs are only estimates. Actual costs will depend on the size of the restaurant, the particular location of the restaurant, size of parcel being developed, and on the progressive cost increases that may result in an inflationary economy.

For full disclosure about IHOP's franchising programs and payment of costs and fees, please refer to the appropriate International House of Pancakes LLC Franchise Disclosure Document.

If you're ready to get started, please visit Request for Consideration.