Ingredients baked in AND on top

Get a Surprise in Every Bite

Full of baked-in flavors you’ll crave day and night

Get ready for a whole new level of delicious! IHOP® has created the only made-to-order waffle with ingredients that are actually baked inside AND on top. So now you’ll get a surprise of craveable savory or sweet flavors bite after bite.



IHOP® makes a fresh, house-made waffle batter

We fold ingredients into the batter for a whole new level of delicious

Hickory-smoked bacon and gooey chedder cheese or Whole plump blueberries and creamy NY Cheesecake

Our cast-iron waffle iron bakes them into a chewy yet crispy golden goodness

We top your waffle with even more craveable ingredients so you'll get a surprise in every bite!

NEW! Bac'n' Cheddar

NEW! Very Blueberry Cheesecake

New! Bac'n' Cheddar
New! Very Blueberry Cheesecake
savor it! taste it!

Discover the waffullicious surprise for yourself

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